About Us

About Us

We are facilitating your search for high-quality healthcare, shortening waiting times and offering you the best treatment modalities at affordable prices. Medical Prime is a user-friendly platform and helps thousands of patients all over the globe. Our contracted specialists, clinics and hospitals growing progressively. Thousands of expert doctors, surgeons, experienced patient care teams are ready for supporting your flight to cure!

  • Our Mission

    To follow the scientific and technological developments with our distinguished staff without compromising ethical principles, focusing on patient.

  • Our Vision

    To be a perfection-oriented and reliable partner for a healthy life

  • Our Values

    Respect for People, Satisfaction of Employees, Patients, Patient Relatives, Commitment to Medical Ethics, Confidence, Respect for Private, Life, Sincerity, Honesty, Impartiality, Transparency, Fairness, Solidarity,Team Spirit, Continuous Education, Development

Our Doctors

Op. Dr. Melike Yazoğlu
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
Doç. Dr. Cemal KARA
Obesity and Diabetes Surgery
Op. Dr. Türker KARABUĞA
Obesity and Diabetes Surgery

Your Medical Transportation

With you,

during the whole trip

  • Airport Transportation

    Transportation service from airport to hospital

  • VIP Transfer

    Free local transportation

  • Hotel Reservation

    Hotel room reservation and transportation service

  • Hospital Services

    Professional hospital team and services

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  • Take the right step for a healthy life with our experienced staff and expert team.
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