Autoplasty is an aesthetic operation that improves the appearance of prominent ears. Other congenital ear anomalies can also be corrected with ear operations. After the surgery, you will have a perfect ear suitable for your face shape. Cartilage protrusions around the ear can be corrected with this aesthetic operation if the ear is curved inward. Since the aesthetic sutures are placed after the surgery, there is no scar in the ear.

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How is Autoplasty Performed?

  • General anesthesia is applied to the patient before autoplasty.
  • The seams in the area where the ear fold will be formed are marked.
  • The cartilage is rasped and bent into shape.
  • The ear is shaped with the previously planned suture areas.
  • The ear surgery is completed by suturing the skin behind the ear.
  • After the surgery, a dressing is applied behind the hair band.
Notes From Your Doctor
Notes From Your Doctor
  • A check by the doctor is performed on the 4th and 15th days after prominent ear surgery.
  • One day after the surgery, the dressing is changed and a hair band is attached to cover the entire ear.
  • The hair band should be worn continuously for about 3 weeks. In this way, the ear folds that want to return to their original state are fixed and the seams are not forced.
  • The use of a hair band prevents edema and prevents the ear from rubbing against the pillow while sleeping.
  • In the first few weeks after ear aesthetics, hair dryer and blow dryer should be avoided.
  • The healing process is completed at the end of 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any scars after autoplasty?

There are no scars left after autoplasty surgery.

What are the risks of autoplasty?

Autoplasty operation does not include any risks. It is a very easy surgery.

Which doctors perform ear surgeries?

Since prominent ear surgery is an aesthetic operation, it can be performed by plastic surgeons. Ear, nose and throat doctors can also perform this surgery.

When does the swelling go away after autoplasty?

Edema after autoplasty passes away within 7-10 days.

Will there be any pain after autoplasty?

With the effect of anesthesia, there is no pain for the first 12 hours. There will be no serious pain in the next period either. You can use painkillers at the dose recommended by your doctor.

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