Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the process of removing hair follicles one by one with the help of a special device and transplanting them to the bald area. Hair follicles taken from the hairy area are transplanted to the bald area and donor transplantation is performed. The purpose of this process is to provide new hair formations from areas where hair does not grow. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is generally the most effective hair transplant method preferred in men. The appearance is improved and the person feels psychologically better after hair transplantation.

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How is Hair Transplantation is done?

  • Before hair transplantation , the patient's hair is shaved and a hairline suitable for the face shape is planned.
  • By applying local anesthesia, the area to be planted is numbed.
  • With the help of the device, hair follicles are removed.
  • Follicles are collected in special forceps and kept in a special solution as single, double or triple.
  • In the area to be transplanted, channels are opened in the direction of the hair.
  • Hair follicles are placed in small channels opened with special forceps.
Notes From Your Doctor
Notes From Your Doctor
  • The hair transplant area should not be exposed to impacts or rubbing for the first 15 days.
  • After hair transplantation, there is no scar in the operation area.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed for 10 days after the procedure.
  • In the 3rd month, new hair starts to grow and faster growth can be seen in some areas.
  • In the 6th month, more than half of the hair growth is completed.
  • In the 12th month, the desired result is achieved after hair transplantation. Hair growth is 90% completed.

Our Hair Transplantation Doctors

Op. Dr. Melike Yazoğlu
Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take the application area to heal after hair transplantation?

The recovery period of complications such as swelling and redness after hair transplantation is completed within 3-4 days.

Are there any side effects of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is performed with a very practical and reliable method. It has no serious side effects. The biggest complication that may occur after transplantation can be infections which can be easily treated.

Is hair transplantation a permanent procedure?

Since you receive strong hair follicles with hair transplantation, the hair that grows after this procedure maintains permanent for a lifetime.

Will there be shedding after hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, shock loss occurs until the end of the 6th week. At the end of 4-8 months, the shed hair starts to grow and does not shed again.

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